5 Reasons To Consider Mylar Bags an Excellent Choice as Packaging Solution

Whether you’re launching a brand-new product or looking to update the presentation of something you’ve been selling for a while, packaging is a top consideration. While boxes, traditional plastic pouches, and other options all have their benefits, the perks of Mylar bags might be just what you’re after. Here’s what you need to know about this packaging option.

Mylar Is Customizable

The outward appearance of what you’re selling is often the first impression it makes on your customers. To grab attention, you need your logo and product information featured in attractive and vivid detail. That’s why picking Mylar packaging that allows for clear, vibrant printing in an array of finishes is important.

Mylar Is Child-Resistant

Sad stories of children getting into food or cleaning products that can harm them are all too common. Parents go to great pains to ensure cabinets are secured and hazardous items are placed out of reach, so choosing to place your goods in child-proof Mylar packaging makes a difference. Specially designed zippers and child-resistant films are available on the top Mylar pouches to protect little ones.

Mylar Is Safe for Food

If what you’re selling is edible, you need food-flexible packaging that durably houses your unique item while meeting safety standards. Although some things made of Mylar aren’t necessarily food-safe, buying your bags from a supplier that makes safe food packaging a priority ensures they’re acceptable for consumables.

Mylar Is Super Protective

The best food-safe bags keep goods free from damage that can occur during shipping, as well as anything that might happen once your customer gets your product home. Mylar is strong enough to resist tears and punctures that occur while being transported or handled, ensuring your item remains secure and looks terrific no matter how far it travels.

Of equal importance during transportation and in your client’s pantry is Mylar’s ability to stave off odor and moisture issues. An expert bag designer can advise you on the right films and barriers to maintain your product’s quality throughout its lifespan.

Mylar Is Sustainable

Choosing sustainable packaging is a win/win: your business does its part in protecting the environment by using recycled and/or recyclable bags, while you appeal to customers who prefer to shop from responsible companies. Sourcing your packaging from a provider that practices sustainability in its manufacturing, design, and shipping processes supports this.

It’s also important to remember that the durability and reusability of Mylar bags contribute to their eco-friendliness. Because Mylar safely stores food for long periods, there’s less product (and packaging) waste. Also, many end-users choose to clean and reuse their Mylar pouches for additional storage, extending the lifecycle of each bag.

Now that you’ve learned about the many upsides of choosing Mylar packaging for your product, it’s time to get started on your bag design and production. Whether you need custom-printed stand-up pouches, larger flat-bottom bags, or lay-flat packaging for flexible display, the possibilities are almost endless. Reach out to a top packaging supplier today for help in creating your ideal product pouches. 

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