Mustang 1969 Price in India

This Ford Mustang model is a unique type of automobile and a symbol of capacity and eternal taste. For legend automotive lovers, the Mustang 1969 price in India is still affordable. Indeed, they want to experience the driving journey with this stunning vehicle. At foundation, the 200 cubic inch inline six engine provided a reliable and smoothly performing option perfect for those who want both economy and power. But with time, they become more limited in numbers.

Mustang 1969 Model Price in India

The Mustang 1969 price in India is majorly fluctuating because of such a old model. Oh, its demand is surprising as this vehicle boasts an impressive array of powerful engines, powered by V8s that deliver a lively experience with unequaled, gain in momentum for top speed.

Price ₹ 50.77 Lack to ₹ 2.40 Core (Approx)

 “Major Specs of  Mustang 1969”

These major specifications showcase the versatility and appeal of the 1969 Ford Mustang, making it a classic car that continues to captivate automotive riders.

Mileage Average 12.43 miles per gallon
Engine Horsepower 335 Horsepower at 5200 revolutions per minute
Fuel consumption 19 Miles per gallon highway, 13.7  in the city
Tank Capacity 20 Gallon
Top Speed 128 miles per hour
Tire Size 235/50ZR18, 245/45ZR19, and 255/40ZR19
Transmission Manual

 1969 Mustang

Transmission Options:

It offered several transmission options to serve a wide range of driver preferences. All of Ford Mustang 1969 transmission choices allowed buyers to customize their driving experience to suit their needs.

Transmission Type Detail Driving Experience
Three Speed Manual  Manual shifting with a clutch  Everyday driving
Four Speed Manual Provides greater gear control Good driving experience
Three Speed Automatic (C4) Smooth automatic shifting Reduces the need for manual
Four Speed Automatic (C6) Automatic transmission paired Enhances acceleration
Select Shift Automatic Manual gear selection and control. Provides control over gear f

Top Speed:

The top speed of Mustang 1969 is now varied depending on the specific engine option, and other factors. Here are approximate top speeds for some of the common engine variants:

Engine Type Cubic Inches Top Speed Range (MPH) Top Speed Range (KPH)
200ci Inline-Six 200 100 – 110 160 – 177
302ci V8 302 120 – 130 193 – 209
390ci V8 390 130 – 140 209 – 225

Who owns mustang 1969 in india?

It was not officially launched but from late 70s, this American cars was start importing in India.  Right, some famous cricketers and other individual have it in their vintage collection.

One of Owner is MS Dhoni

Taking everything into account, Mustang 1969 price in India has become a worldwide phenomenon. Although the cost of this timeless beauty in India may differ, it is undeniable to be a homeowner. It is a classic that has been around for countless years, boasting great looks, and collector’s value. Anyone had desire of experience a vintage style car on the road, the 1969 Mustang is the ideal vehicle.

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