Say Goodbye to Tears: Easy Tricks for Cutting Onions Cry-Free

Cutting onions is an essential cooking process, but it is often accompanied by the unpleasant experience of crying. The tears are a natural response to the release of a gas called syn-Propanetriol-S-oxide, which is produced when onions are cut. But, with the correct techniques and information cutting onions is not a problem without the need for tears. This article will look at the various ways to accomplish this, and provide the most comfortable cooking experience.

Understanding the Science Behind Onion Tears

In cutting an onion it breaks its cells, and release a variety of enzymes. These enzymes reacted with the amino acids contained in the onion, resulting in an explosive Sulphur compound. If this substance comes in contact with the water inside your eyes, it creates sulfuric acid that can cause irritation and increase the number of tears.

Preparing the Onion

  1. Choose the Right Onion Different kinds of onions produce different levels of irritations. Sweet onions, like are less irritating than yellow onions.
  2. Chill the onion The onion should be cooled by putting it in the freezer for around 30 minutes prior to cutting it can cut down on the quantity that gas is released. The cold temperature slows the reaction chemical that results in the production of the irritating gas.
  3. sharpen your knife Sharp knife will cause less damage to onion’s cell walls which means that it releases fewer irritating substances. A blunt knife can crush more cells, which results in more tears.

Effective Techniques to Cut Onions Without Crying

  1. Cutting in Water Immersing the onion in the water in a bowl when cutting it can block the gas from entering your eyes. However, this method could be a bit cumbersome and may weaken some of the onion’s flavours.
  2. Utilizing a fan Use an air blower to expel air away from the cutting area. The airflow assists in dispersing the irritants and keep them off your face.
  3. Bread method Some swear by putting a slice of bread inside their mouths with a small amount sticking out when cutting onion. The theory is that bread absorbs a portion of the irritations before they reach the eyes.
  4. Cutting in a Fire The theory behind this is the idea that the fire draws on the onion vapours but this is a method that requires vigilance because of the open flame.
  5. wearing goggles Goggles made of onion or even swim goggles may form a protective seal around your eyes, stopping the gas from getting to them.
  6. Chewing gum Chewing gum may encourage the habit of swallowing frequently and breathing through your mouth, which can aid in removing gasses from your eyes.

The Cutting Process

  1. Cut the onion correctly Begin by cutting off the top layer of onion. Then cut the onion in half from the top to the bottom. Peel off the skin of each half. Cut the onion in a single direction, then create perpendicular cuts to cut the onion. The root ends contain greater amounts of substances, so leave it uncut until you reach the end.
  2. Limit exposure You can work quickly, but securely. The shorter the time spent cutting, the less you are exposed to irritating substances.

Additional Tips

  1. Ventilation Make sure you cut your onions within a ventilated area.
  2. Cleaning up Following the cutting of onions clean both your hands as well as the blade with cold water. This assists in removing the toxins from your skin as well as the knife.
  3. Train your Knife Skills Effective, swift cutting cuts down the time exposed to irritants.


Although cutting onions without crying may seem like a simple cooking task, it could dramatically improve the quality of your cooking. When you know the reasons behind the reason why onions cause you to cry and using these methods to achieve this feat without tears. Try these methods to determine which one works for you best and you can enjoy the experience that involves cooking using onions, without having the stress of crying.

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