Supra Mk4 Price In India 2023

The Toyota Supra, particularly the Mk4 variant, has always held a unique position in the automotive world. And in this post we shared Supra Mk4 Price In India 2023.  Renowned for its balanced performance, impressive styling, and robust engineering, the Mk4, produced from 1993 to 2002, has garnered a loyal fan base globally. While this Japanese sports car initially garnered attention through motorsports and iconic film appearances, its desirability has only grown over the years, often leading to a surge in its prices on the resale market.

Supra Mk4 Price In India 2023

India’s automotive market is no stranger to hefty import duties and luxury taxes, especially for cars of foreign make. Given that the Supra Mk4 was never officially introduced in India, its units available in the country have mostly come through private imports. Consequently, its pricing is significantly affected by import duties and maintenance costs. Let’s have a look at Supra Mk4 Price In India 2023,

Car Estimated Price
Supra Mk4 Price In India 2023 85 Lkah-1 crore


Supra Mk4 Price In India

Supra Mk4 Exterior:

The Supra Mk4 boasts a timeless design, blending aggressive lines with a smooth silhouette. Here are some highlights:

Feature Description
Body Type 2-door liftback coupe
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4520 x 1810 x 1275 mm
Wheelbase 2550 mm
Curb Weight Approximately 1,470 kg (varies based on specific trim and mods)
Aerodynamics Designed with a drag coefficient of 0.31
Lighting Projector beam headlights, integrated fog lights
Wheels Typically 17-inch alloy wheels
Spoilers Optional rear wing spoiler

Interior of Supra Mk4:

Inside the Supra Mk4, one finds a cockpit designed for performance, with comfort and ergonomics to match:

Feature Description
Seating Capacity 2 seats
Upholstery Generally leather or premium fabric, based on trim
Infotainment System Original models had cassette/CD players, many updated by owners
Instrument Cluster Analog dials with tachometer, speedometer, and auxiliary gauges
Steering Power-assisted with tilt and telescopic functions
Air Conditioning Automatic climate control
Safety Dual front airbags, ABS, traction control (in later models)

Specifications of Supra Mk4:

Specification Description
Engine 3.0 L inline-six (2JZ-GE or 2JZ-GTE, based on trim)
Power Output 220-320 hp (NA-turbocharged versions respectively)
Torque 210-315 lb-ft (NA-turbocharged versions respectively)
Transmission Options 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Drivetrain Rear-wheel drive
Suspension Double-wishbone setup at both front and rear
Braking System Ventilated disc brakes front and rear
Fuel Economy (Estimated) 8-12 km/l (varies based on driving conditions)

Supra Mk4 Colors:

The Supra Mk4 was available in a range of colors that added to its allure:

Color Name Description
Renaissance Red A vibrant, sporty red
Super White A clean, pure white
Deep Jewel Green Pearl A rich, dark green with a metallic shine
Black Standard glossy black
Royal Sapphire Pearl Deep blue with a hint of purple, pearl finish
Silver Metallic silver


In conclusion, the Toyota Supra Mk4 remains an emblematic figure in India’s luxury sports car market. The current Supra Mk4 Price In India 2023 price is between 85lakh-1Crore of different variants. Its combination of heritage, performance, and cinematic fame ensures it retains a top spot on many enthusiasts’ wish lists. However, potential buyers should be prepared for a hefty price tag, reflecting not just the car’s inherent value but also the complexities of owning such a vehicle in India.

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