The Ultimate TikTok Follower Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs

With over 1 billion monthly active users and a growing creator community, TikTok has become one of the best social media platforms for promoting and growing a business. Although TikTok is still associated with younger audiences and Gen Z, it has expanded over the years.

According to the TikTok 2023 “What’s Next” report, people of all backgrounds and ages are now investing mainly in TikTok. Thus, if you’re trying to bring the attention of a wide audience to your growing business, TikTok is the best go-to place for marketing and promotion.

This platform can help improve brand awareness and your viral fame. Remember, millions of TikTokers are not just your potential audience but your competitors also. Thus, growing your ultimate TikTok follower can be challenging. Here, we will share some powerful strategies about how to get more followers naturally over less time.

1.   Understand your audience.

As you read above, TikTok is no longer an app primarily for kids or youngsters. Over the past few years, over 40-years-old demographic has increased by a significant percentage. Thus, entrepreneurs have an expanding marketplace for influencer and commercial purposes.

To reach the potential audience quickly, take time to find out who your audience is and what kind of content they favor the most. You can check the demographic majority in audiences on other social media platforms to learn more about the ways you can tweak your content strategy to grow your followers.

2.   Deliver viral and engaging content.

To make a good first impression on your audience, it is equally important to research your competition and analyze their successful content. Brainstorm some innovative ideas to compose original videos for your company profile. 15-20 seconds is the ideal TikTok video length. However, creating up to 3 minutes long videos is good for long-pitch marketers.

Create and post viral content with catchy intro and captions that compel viewers to check the complete post and prevent scrolling further on other’s profiles. Instead of spending time choosing fancy logos, emphasize creating high-quality content that users expect from you.  

3.   Be unique and updated.

To stand out from the competitors and get fame on TikTok, you need to stay updated with the new trends. Try to be unique while including the new updates of the week in your content strategy. Research the most popular sounds including brief sound effects, short jingles, etc. Then, add the trending sounds in your videos ensuring that they must be in line with the latest updates.

Just like other platforms, a hashtag is a powerful tool on TikTok to find new audience segments and facilitate other viewers to discover your profile for the first time. Moreover, it can get you running in the ‘For You’ feed. You can discover the popular hashtag using the Discover button.

Add the popular hashtags to your video’s description after checking the number of views. Add about 2-4 hashtags to each video, mainly 1 or 2 trending hashtags and 1 less popular but relevant hashtag. Be sure to renew each hashtag based on its relevancy and popularity.

Alongside sounds and hashtags, identify the popular challenges on the platform. TikTok’s algorithm works by representing identical content to the videos you have watched until now. Make sure that you balance trend inclusions with unique content creations. Becoming a less trend follower and more of a trendsetter will help you with higher growth TikTok Followers and expanded presence.

4.   Collaboration

Collaborating with influencers and creators is the ultimate TikTok follower growth strategy. TikTok is a community-focused platform where leading creators and influencers are making millions from their videos. It doesn’t mean investing plenty of your valuable time in influencer marketing but partnering with creators who can give your business the required boost and success. Find the potential creators on the TikTok creator marketplace.

When you are finding influencers, be sure that you choose those whose audiences align with your desired demographic within your niche. Make sure that they share similar values to your business and are trusted by the customers you need to target. Ask chosen influencers for insights into which form of content might work effectively.

Never use influencers just for promotions as the audience wants authentic human content. Keep tracking the impact of collaborations and analyze outcomes. Identify if there is any increase in comments, followers, likes, views, website traffic, and shares.

5.   Leverage TikTok SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is not just for website owners and blog posts but also for various social media platforms including TikTok. Every platform has its own search features and algorithms to find out how to rank and view content. Optimizing your TikTok profile and content for the algorithm can provide a push in the follower count and audience reach.

Some studies have stated that specific demographics are using TikTok as their search engine. Gen Z finds queries and content on this platform before doing a Google search. To search-optimize your content, use the relevant keywords in the content and captions. Find out Google trends and customers’ requirements using the Discover page on TikTok.

After that, take advantage of the right audio and sound clips, keywords, and hashtags to boost your TikTok follower strategy. Write a comprehensive and concise description with relevant hashtags and keywords. Add appropriate captions to your content with vital information and statements. This will help you to reach customers who are using TikTok with the sound turned off.

6.   Paid ads

If you are willing to invest something, start using paid ads. Entrepreneurs or businesses can get started with PPC (pay-per-click) promotion in numerous ways. You can create branded hashtag challenges, in-feed ads, top-view ads, and brand takeover ads. Remember, each ad type has its purpose and brings more attention to the brand and business.

When creating ads, set clear goals to select the right ad format. Then, target your ads to improve the possibility of engagement and increased ROI. Produce engaging content ensuring it resonates with the fun vibe and creativity of the platform. 

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