Redmi Note 10 Price in Pakistan 6GB, 8gb, 4gb Ram 128gb Rom Storage

Now, you might be wondering about the price of Redmi Note 10 price in Pakistan 6GB, 8gb and 4g Ram 128gb rom storage as a remarkable device. Xiaomi has always been known for offering best quality smartphones at competitive prices, and the this phone is no exception. While prices may be changed where and when you purchase It. You can rest assured that you are getting extraordinary value for your money. It is designed to giver a wide range of budgets, making it accessible to a broad audience. Xiaomi understands that quality should be affordable, and they’ve nailed it with this device.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 6gb, 128gb Price in Pakistan

No doubt, the Redmi Note 10 is making waves with its impressive 6GB and 8GB RAM options and a spacious 128GB storage. Its appeal in the Pakistani market is not solely its price. Features like its display, high resolution camera, and long lasting battery life make it a value.

These features provide well to the needs of users who look for a balance of entertainment, photography, and daily productivity.

Price 36,000 Rupees

“Important Specification “

Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Battery mah 5000
Charger Watt 33 W
Battery Timing 3 Days ( Approximate)
Display 6.43 Inc
Weight 178.8 G
Camera 13MP front and 48MP Rear

In Pakistan, the price difference between the 4GB, 12GB, and 8GB RAM variants of the is not just a reflection of memory capacity. It also represents the varying levels of multitasking capabilities and speed.

Typically, higher RAM equates to a higher price, but this increment is often justified by the enhanced performance.

Redmi Note 10

Redmi Note 10 8gb, 128gb Price:

For more power from your smartphone, the 8GB RAM variant is the way to go. It’s designed to handle heavy multitasking, intensive games, and demanding apps with ease.

You will experience a level of speed and responsiveness that is truly surprising.

Price 58,000 Rupees

Redmi Note 10 4gb Ram, 128gb Rom Price:

Perfect for everyday use, the 4GB RAM variant provides your apps open swiftly, and you can effortlessly switch between them without any lag. Whether it’s social media browsing, streaming, or light gaming, this configuration has got you covered.

Price 34,000 Rupees

Storage:128GB ROM

Storage is another necessary factor to consider when choosing a smartphone. It also offers an expansive 128GB ROM storage capacity. Providing that you never run out of space for your photos, videos, apps, and files.

  • Ample Space:

Say goodbye to constant storage management and the frustration of deleting files to make room for new ones. With 128GB of storage, you will have room for all your memories and files without compromise.

  • No Need for External Storage:

Forget about investing in additional microSD cards or cloud subscriptions. Its 128GB ROM storage provides all the space you’ll ever need.

  • High Quality Media:

Capture stunning photos and videos without worrying about running out of storage. Enjoy your favorite movies, music, and games without compromising on quality or quantity.


Is the Redmi Note 10 available in Pakistan?

Yes, it is available in Pakistan through authorized Xiaomi retailers and online stores. You can easily find it in your local market or order it online.

Can I expand the storage?

While it is already offers a generous 128GB of internal storage, it does not have a dedicated microSD card slot for expansion. However, with 128GB at your disposal, you’re unlikely to run out of space anytime soon.

Is the Phone suitable for gaming?

Absolutely! The Redmi Note 10’s 8GB RAM variant is more than capable of handling graphically demanding games. You can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any noticeable lag or performance issues.

What are some other key features of the Redmi Note 10?

Aside from its impressive RAM and storage options, it boasts a stunning AMOLED display, a powerful processor with camera setup.

Briefly to conclude, the Redmi Note 10 price in Pakistan 6GB, 8gb and 4g Ram 128gb rom storage is a smartphone that combines power and storage. So, whether you are a casual user, a multitasker, or a gaming individual, the Redmi Note 10 has something incredible to offer.

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