Samsung A13 Price in Pakistan 6gb 128gb, 4gb 64gb

Samsung has been a front runner, consistently bringing to the market devices that blend innovation with user friendliness. The Samsung A13, with its variants, is no exception, especially in the powerful Pakistani market. Now people want to know the details of Samsung A13 price in Pakistan 6gb 128gb and 4gb 64gb, comparing their prices, features, availability, and overall value. The Samsung A13’s pricing strategy is a reflection of the brand’s understanding of the market’s diverse needs.

Samsung A13 6gb 128gb Price in Pakistan

Like any consumer electronics market, the pricing of smartphones in Pakistan is subject to change due to various factors. This part would analyze any recent trends in the pricing of the Samsung A13 models. The 6GB/128GB variant, targeted at users who want  more storage, is priced slightly higher than its 4GB/64GB counterpart.

Price 63,000 Rupees

“Major Specs of Samsung A13 6gb 128gb”

Battery Timing A full day and a half
Display Quality 1080 x 2408 pixels
Display Light Solution LCD light solution
Battery 5000 mAh
Display Size 6.6 Inc
Charger Watt 15 Watt
Weight 195 g
Color Peach, Blue, Black, White
Camera Result 50MP (f/1.8) main cam + 5MP (f/2.2) ultrawide + 2MP macro & depth sensors.
Camera Glass Tempered

Samsung A13 4gb 64gb Price:

The price of Samsung A13 4gb 64gb price in Pakistan is available with little price difference. Meanwhile, the 4GB/64GB variant is perfect for everyday use, providing excellent value for money. This variant is available around 56.500 Rupees.

Price 58,000

“Major Specs of Samsung A13 4gb 64gb”

Display 1080 + 2408 Pixels
Screen Size 6.6 Inches
Camera Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Ram 4gb 64GB
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
Color Black, White, Blue, and Peach

Samsung A13

Why Samsung A13?

  • Performance:

Both variants, the 6GB/128GB and 4GB/64GB, are powered by advanced processors that ensure smooth, lag free experiences.

Perfect for multitasking professional, or an avid social media user, full fill to all your needs effortlessly.

  • Display:

It is designed to deliver a visual experience that’s not just pleasing to the eyes but also immersive, making every interaction with your phone .

  • Camera Quality:

Capture life moments in all their glory with the Samsung A13 high resolution cameras. Both models boast a camera setup that promises crisp, clear, and vivid photos.

  • Cost Effective Choices

In Pakistan, the 6GB/128GB model offers expansive storage, ideal for those who need more from their phones.

Meanwhile, the 4GB/64GB variant is perfect for daily use, providing excellent value for money.

  • Security 

With features like fingerprint sensors and facial recognition, the Samsung A13 keeps your data safe.

  • Battery Life

Stay connected longer with the Samsung A13 enduring battery life. Whether you’re out for work or leisure, your phone keeps up with your pace.


What are the color options for the Samsung A13 in Pakistan?

It comes in a range of appealing colors, catering to diverse preferences.

How does the camera of the 6GB/128GB variant compare to the 4GB/64GB model?

Both variants have similar camera capabilities, give you top quality photography regardless of the model you choose.

Is the Samsung A13 suitable for gaming?

Yes, its powerful processor and powerful RAM make it an excellent choice for gaming lovers.

What is the warranty period for the Samsung A13 in Pakistan?

Samsung offers a standard warranty, giving peace of mind with your purchase.

Considering all of these, Samsung A13 price in Pakistan 6gb 128gb and 4gb 64gb, offers a good choice for smartphone users in Pakistan. By balancing cost with features, these models give to a wide range of preferences, confirming that there is something for everyone.

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